Legal representation in various branches of Law.


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Rui Tavares

Lawyer since 1990

Law graduate from the University of Lusíada in 1988

5th Intensive Course on the Labour Code at the Faculty of Law of the Portuguese Catholic University – 2003/2004

Participation in various labour seminars and conferences related to legal topics.


Main areas of activity

Main areas of activity

- Consultancy

- Contract Law (leases and contracts in general);

- Property Law (matters related to real estate)

- Family Law (Minors and Divorces)

- Labour Law (Contracts, Disciplinary Proceedings, Dismissals, Labour Litigation)

- Commercial Law

- Criminal Law and Administrative Offenses

General litigation


Rui Tavares,Rui Atanásio e Ana Carioca-Sociedade de Advogados
(S.Maria, S.Miguel, S.Martinho, S.Pedro Penaferrim)
Portela - Rui Tavares

Advocacy Services

Avenida Movimento Forças Armadas 34,1º-D Portela
2710-432 SINTRA
( S.Maria, S.Miguel, S.Martinho, S.Pedro Penaferrim )
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