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About us

Rui Tavares, Rui Atanásio, Ana Carioca

Society of Lawyers established on December 19th, 1997, registered at the Portuguese Bar Association under no. 3/98.

We are guided by rigour, dedication and loyalty, putting all our effort in finding the best legal solution for each case.

A relationship of trust with our client is the key asset in our activity.

Areas of Activity:

- Consultancy

- Contract Law – leases and contracts in general

- Property Law

- Family Law – Minors, Divorces and Partitions / Inventories

- Succession Law – Stamp duty procedures; Partitions / Inventories, Wills

- Labour Law - contracts, disciplinary proceedings, dismissals, labour litigation

- Commercial Law

- Criminal Law and Administrative Offenses

- Administrative Law

- Tax Law

- Records and Notary Services 

- General litigation


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Rui Tavares,Rui Atanásio e Ana Carioca-Sociedade de Advogados
(S.Maria, S.Miguel, S.Martinho, S.Pedro Penaferrim)
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Avenida Movimento Forças Armadas 34,1º-D Portela
2710-432 SINTRA
( S.Maria, S.Miguel, S.Martinho, S.Pedro Penaferrim )
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